Few blogs, earlier I have described why you should have a custom domain for blogger and its importance. Rather than using free domain names, I will suggest one, to work with a personalized/customized domain for your blog.The free Blogspot domain is less beneficial than the custom domain name.

Blogspot domain and wordpress domain are much accessible as they are free to use.

For a simple clarification, a free domain is the domain in which the url ends like blogspot.com, wordpress.com, wix.com, overblog.com, and much more like that, but in the custom domain, your url will end with the only name you choose like mywebsite.com, mywebsite.in, mywebsite.org and a lot more domains.

Custom blogger domains are more useful, as it allows you to create a better and easy to recall url name like from mywebsite.blogspot.com to mywebsite.com.

To get rid of a free blogger domain, you need to buy a custom domain.

You need to visit the website where you want to buy it. I suggest to try and buy from GoDaddy, Bluehost, NameCheap, HostGator.

If you have bought a new custom domain, you need some guidance on how you can set up a custom domain for the blogger or connect blogger to the domain.

Login and access your blogger in admin/draft mode.

Select the blog you want to add a custom domain name.
Go to Settings & select the Basic tab then under Publishing option.
Click on Set up a third party domain/url for your blogger/blog.

How To Setup Custom Domain For Blogger

Then enter your full url, and don’t forget to add www before your url.

How To Setup Custom Domain For Blogger

If you don’t add www as a prefix in your url, you will also see a message stating that “No blog can be hosted at the naked domain (mywesbite.com) or without www. You need to add a top-level domain (www.mywebsite.com) or (blog.mywebsite.com) subdomain” to proceed successfully.

Don’t change any other options.

Do not make any change in Use a missing files host.

When you try to save this URL, you will see some error messages stating that “We are unable to verify your authority in this domain”.

How To Setup Custom Domain For Blogger

After doing this login though that site from where you bought it as I bought it from GoDaddy, i will log in via it.

Once you got these CNAME and other details, visit the site where you bought the domain and update this information there to connect the domain. This will update your domain to a custom domain.

First, you need to copy the details you got in the above steps. Like CNAMEs and other parameters

www                 ghs.google.com
urb6i62vjkzy    gv-vlbypwcrwj5cht.dv.googlehosted.com

Click Your Profile where you will see Quick Links section, open Manage Domains

How To Setup Custom Domain For Blogger

Then click on three dots to open Manage DNS.

How To Setup Custom Domain For Blogger

You will see Add Button to Add Records.

How To Setup Custom Domain For Blogger

Setting CNAME

Select CNAME from the drop-down menu and paste values Host and Points to in it.

How To Setup Custom Domain For Blogger

Add another record and again select CNAME and do the same with it.

How To Setup Custom Domain For Blogger

Remember when you are adding the CNAME second time, all values are pointing to your domain so be carefull while doing it.

Setting DNS

Now again add a record and enter DNS to configure it.

Select A and paste @ in host and in Points to which point to Google IPs.

How To Setup Custom Domain For Blogger

Repeat this step for a total of 4 times.

After you have done setting CNAME and A, this will look like the below image.

How To Setup Custom Domain For Blogger

When you have updated CNAME and A parameters, the error you got when entering your full url will be gone. When I have done it, it has taken very few minutes to go live.

However if the error continues, then you have to wait around for longer to setup custom domain name for your own blogger.

It would take upto 24hours to make the changes live and seen by other users. Now visit back to your blogger in draft mode.

How To Setup Custom Domain For Blogger

When you have done it again, then your redirection will be controlled by blogspot. As when someone tries to open you free blogspot domain (mywebsite.blogspot.com), then they will be redirected to the custom domain (mywebsite.com) automatically. One thing more if you have done seo for your blogspot domain, all your traffic and backlink will not be lost, or all link juice will be passed to the custom domain.

After visiting blogger in the draft mode, you need to tick the line Redirect mywebsite.com to www.mywebsite.com

How To Setup Custom Domain For Blogger

You can also visit the blogger’s official support page to setup custom blogger domain


If you are not using the blogspot domain or want to try, then go-ahead to start a new blogger without any hesitation. If you have any problem while doing this setup or confused about what to do next, ask for help anytime. If I helped you to do this setup easily, please give a valuable comment.


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