Facebook touch is an ultra light and advanced Facebook web apps designed by H5, a leading e-commerce; e-learning company. The latest version of the web apps, Facebook touch provides users with a complete browsing experience across multiple tabs in a single window.

It is design for all major browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Android. Users can easily explore and navigate through a number of areas on the site including News, Applications, Wall, Search, and Contacts. Further, the web apps allows users to share links, images, videos, social bookmarks and notes with others.

E-learning company

Facebook touch is an innovative and lightweight web browser design by H5, a leading e-commerce & e-learning company. Facebook touch is mainly designed and developed for touch-screen mobile phone users. This web apps runs smoothly even on devices with low resolution.

Facebook web browser also runs smoothly even on devices with older versions of Kit Kat as Facebook offers an option to upgrade to the latest versions of the application from their website. Facebook also provides users an option to switch between mobile phones and tablets while using the application.

There are some features that are not present in the original version of the application such as the panel, bookmarks, and notes. In the latest version of the application, these features have been update to support additional features. That are available in the latest versions of android and iPhones.

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As the original version of the apps was not design with tablets in mind. It uses the ‘pin it’ feature that is present on almost all phones to load the web browser. When loading takes long, some people may switch to viewing the web app using their keyboards which takes more time. To overcome this, the developers have made an option to switch to using touch screen phones which is far more feasible for a majority of users.

For those who use phones with small screens and want to access the web using the smallest space possible, the Facebook touch can be an ideal choice. The website has a very simple design with scroll-able navigation buttons making it easy to navigate. This type of web browser is especially useful for those who want to browse the internet using a smaller screen.

Furthermore, Facebook has design its own interface for this special smart phone feature and it is especially easy to use. You can either download the Facebook applications from the store or you can use the simulator to test out the functionality of the application before downloading onto your phone.

Amazing new touch application

Since the development of this amazing new touch application. Many internet users have asked whether they would need to have a rooted smartphone in order to use it. Although the application will work on any Android or iPhone devices. There are certain factors that will determine whether you will be able to use the feature or not. First of all, internet connectivity will determine whether you can use the application or not and the type of device you have will determine if you can actually take full advantage of it.

In terms of internet connectivity, there are basically two options available. You can either use the Wifi network available on your Windows 8 device or you can use the Airplane mode. As you might have guess, the Airplane mode will allow you to surf the web using a Facebook touch application. Without using up much of your data network but this feature also means. That you will not be able to access various different apps.

The second option, which will be explain later on will let you keep your internet usage limit to the Facebook web store. Which includes apps like Facebook, Evernote and various different apps.

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It is possible to use the Facebook touch login to connect with your Facebook account but to do so. You will first need to pair your device with a computer over USB. This will enable the computer to identify your device as a normal Facebook account and thus. Log you into your account using your regular

Facebook login. It is also possible to connect your device with a computer over Bluetooth however. This does not work very effectively as there are times when your device might be seen as an unknown source by the computer.

Main social networking apps

The other main social networking apps that has been integrate in the facebook touch software. That is the popular social networking giant LinkedIn. LinkedIn is extremely popular as it allows business professionals to interact with their colleagues and other corporate business people. When you login to the LinkedIn interface, you will be able to see. The various different groups that are available in your area.

Tapping on one of the little circles at the top of the screen you will be able to view. The details of the individual or group that you are interested in. As you move over to the right hand side, you will be able to see the types of information that people in your network are willing to share with you.

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