Companies, publishers, customers, and sellers have dealt with the problem of fraud in the digital arena for a long time now. The digital world is a boon, but becomes a bane because it’s not just accessible to honest authentic people but also fraudsters.

Therefore, to solve this problem, Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) started an initiative that led to the formation of the concept of ads.txt as we know it.

The idea was to create a transparent environment in the ecosystem of advertisement. Ads.txt is the short form of Authorized Digital Sellers. It is an easy concept that lets publishers and/or distributors publicly authorize companies to sell their idea or brand.

The problem of Counterfeit Inventory

As the term explains, counterfeit means fraud or fake and by inventory, in the digital world, it means digital goods that are ready to be sold. So what could these goods be? They’re usually referred to as programmatic media or spaces.

For example, when a brand advertiser buys media digitally or programmatically, they have no other option but to trust that the URLs sold to them for the same purpose are legitimate. Only sometimes, they’re not. And in the pre ads.txt era there was not a single way of cross-checking that before the transaction and execution of the deal.

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How does ads.txt solve this problem?

It is a method that enables digital publishers or distributors to publicly declare their authorized sellers that are delegated the task of getting the best deals and clients.

This removes the financial benefit fraudsters gained by selling counterfeit or misrepresented media. Ads.txt is under the sole control of a domains or publisher’s webmaster which is why it is the safest, most valid, and authentic modus operandi.

There’s also a different version of this system, known as app-ads.txt. The former is for computers whereas the latter targets mobile users and apps specifically. To know more about the latter, we would first have to explore Mobile Ad Networks a little.

Mobile Ad Networks

These are unprecedented times, due to a lot of social and environmental factors, the number of mobile users and mobile traffic is at its all-time peak. So, if you’re a publisher of an ad or even a distributor, your go-to move would be to first capitalize the space where your customers are always available and that is on their mobile phones.

Mobile ad networks are like digital markets where developers or publishers of apps can sell their ad space to advertisers. This helps in monetizing their apps.

It does not matter whether your ad is for a desktop application or not, the goal is to reach as many people through ads as possible right? Statistics show that mobile users also respond extremely well to PC application ads even on their mobile phones.

With all the positive assurance, you wouldn’t want to risk running paid ad campaigns to fraudulent traffic or ineffective campaigns no? This is where app-ads.txt comes in.

Authorized Sellers for Apps

Authorized sellers for apps are also referred to as app-ads.txt. The function of this is the same as the above-mentioned ads.txt just that this is specifically for apps and apps are used on mobiles so this is basically for Mobile ad networks.

Best Mobile Ad Networks

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Whether you’re a publisher or distributor of ads or even the owner of the inventory put out to be sold, the issue of counterfeit inventory concerns you in every way. Therefore, it is important to know about and implement the concept of authorized sellers both in apps and websites, hope this article gave you clarity about the same.


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