Today, most of our content consumption occurs in the digital world via digital marketing. Marketing has also been digitized to break our dependence on technology. This change requires your brand to exist in the digital world. In order to successfully build the digital image of your brand, you need a reliable digital marketing strategy.

Without pre-designed plans or strategies, if you do not consider all aspects that may affect the development, the implementation of digital marketing will fail. For example, when developing a digital marketing plan, consider defining the target audience (buyer personality), business goals, and related value propositions.

In order to create a working and effective digital marketing strategy, you need to do some homework. Let’s get started with the tips that you would need to follow to create an amazing digital marketing strategy!

Set your goals

First of all, you need to determine your goals before you start doing digital marketing studies. What kind of goals are you planning to achieve with digital marketing efforts as a company? You have to turn these goals into a list and set yourself short, medium and long term goals. These purposes can vary as increasing website traffic, increasing brand awareness, promoting your new products or reaching new target audiences. The important thing is to create a road map for yourself by determining the appropriate purpose or objectives.

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Create a target audience

In order to carry out a marketing, there must be a buyer at the end of the process. A correct digital marketing strategy also means finding the right purchaser. The important thing is to reach people and people who need the service or product. Creating a target audience is a detailed process. It should consider many metrics such as people’s demographic information, location, interests, and target audiences should be grouped. Advertising studies should be carried out on several different target audiences you have created and focus on whichever target audience gives the right answer to your strategy.

Create a content strategy

It consists of visual, video and content. These items are linked to search terms. In order to reach a potential customer group, a phrase they need should be investigated, a visual that can attract their attention should be determined and a video that will not be stopped after 5 seconds should be designed.

Digital marketing includes every type of content. Do you know that a Wikipedia page is also an essential part of digital marketing? In order to improvise your digital marketing strategy, one must create a Wikipedia page. Such a page not only help you get online traffic, but it also gives better search engine rankings. All you need to know is to understand how to create a Wikipedia page for an actor, for yourself, for artist or for your business.

Make Positioning

You should set a plan for where you will be in a digital marketing network. Do you want to be active in social media? You want to inform the customer with blog posts? Or do you want to measure your customer with e-mail marketing? You can position the answers to these questions and according to the answers, it can guide you in details about where you want to focus. You can analyze which digital marketing channel your service is more suitable for.

Determine where to find your potential customers during all funnel stages

You now have a good understanding of who your target audience is, so now you’ll want to understand how and where to connect with them. Again, look at your analytics on this and cross-reference them with your willing customers to buy. Let’s say you run a home improvement company.

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You may be doing everything from fixing water damaged floors to giving people the kitchen of their dreams. Having a wide variety of audiences not only at one stage of the funnel of your customers you want to find you, but at all stages will be very important for the success of your marketing strategy.

Include automation and personalization

As you prepare and run your campaigns, you may want to find ways to continue making your campaigns as effective as possible. There are two good ways to do this: more customization and more automation, and in many cases, these two can overlap. Sometimes, personalized and relevant marketing messages to your audience may be delivered as a result of their specific actions. This can trigger ads that use retargeting to show users the products they’ve seen on your site, or email responders showing customers products similar to what they’ve seen in the past.

Digital strategies and tactics

According to our goals, we will implement different strategies: email campaigns, social media, CRM, website optimization, SEO strategies, paid media advertising, etc. Based on the information we receive about our customers, it’s important to use marketing automation tools to automate today’s campaigns.

Using this strategy, you can create workflows that allow you to create hundreds of campaigns in just a few clicks. As a recipient, you can personalize a message that suits your personality, thereby increasing your chances of success. Or, you can use them based on their interaction with the brand at the time of purchase.

Create a roadmap for execution

Organize the plan and determine the priority of the roadmap, even if your progress and milestones are six months, twelve months and twenty-four months, you can move from strategy to implementation. Don’t be too slow or too careful, and don’t wait for the annual planning cycle. Be prepared to use alternatives. The digital transformation of an organization may take time, but marketing should be the most flexible engine and be prepared to take advantage of the opportunities available.


It is possible to ensure the digital transformation of your brand by associating your digital marketing strategy with your brand strategy and setting it up correctly. When digital marketing is not looked at in terms of transformation and only presence is shown in digital, your brand is divided into separate parts, not a whole.

In the situation where the world is transformed, the future of companies that cannot keep up does not look bright.

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