In my previous article, I have guided how anyone can easily create a facebook lead generation advertisement to make a substantial profit.

Facebook has collected and analyzed so much data to get you precise information about the user, behavior, interest, and nature, whether they are likely to click on ads, watch the ads, and a lot more parameters.

Here I will give you a brief guide on how you can easily create your first Facebook brand awareness campaign.

Do you want to raise your company’s brand awareness?

Facebook introduced the brand awareness ads in 2015.

Brand awareness optimization is created to find the correct audience, which can quickly remind ads. After analyzing a massive amount of brand awareness campaigns, it is found that the more time a user spends on an ad, will make him remind it quickly.

Brand Awareness Campaign does not mean to generate instant sales/conversion. It will increase the recall of your ads among the audience you targeted, Which in result will increase the estimated ad recall lift. It indicates more people may remember your advertisement if we inquired within two days.

Reach & Brand Awareness Objective Difference

In Reach, you have the right to control your ad, as you have the option to choose your ad frequency by limiting people to see your ads, from 1 day to 3 months.

This will also make a difference in your impression section as if you choose three months or 90 days, and you will see less impression in the same month. But if you choose a single day, you will see a massive increase in your impression count. Choose an ad frequency to longest, will run your ad to a much longer time.

In facebook brand awareness ads, Facebook shows ads to people only who can remember your ads, do not focus on reaching more people. It works on two proxies Reach and Attention. It keeps in mind your ad gets also reach and the attention of your targeted audience. If you start your ad for two weeks, then people will see your ads five times. Means one can view your ads five times in these two weeks.

Let’s start our first Facebook ad, which is a brand awareness campaign.

Visit the facebook Ads Manager page and choose your objective as Brand Awareness.

Give a name to your campaign according to your choice.

Creating a brand awareness campaign is the same as a lead generation campaign, as you will begin by choosing your budget, schedule, and targeting audience.

Then select a campaign budget according to your pocket. It can be a daily budget or lifetime budget.

You can schedule your ad start date and end date also. Then proceed further

After reaching the Ad set level, select your location where you want to target. You can include a large area and exclude a small area from them also.

Choose the age range on which you want to target or show your ads.

Select the gender like you want to target or show your ads. Like male only or female only. You can also choose male and female.

The most important thing that can make a huge difference in your results is detailed targeting. Choose demographics, interests, and behavior according to you.

NOTE: For best-detailed targeting, always prefer someone who has an idea about Facebook ads or has experience in this field.

Then select the placement area where you want to show you ads. It consists of platforms like instagram, audience networks, Messenger, and more of it. Set it to automatic placements, if you don’t have an idea about manual placement.

Ad Recall Lift here means it will show people who may recall your advertisement when again inquired in 2 days. This parameter is only available in few Campaigns like brand awareness, video views objectives, and post engagement.

You can also change the budget and scheduling here. Then click continue for ad level.

Give a Name to your ad and select facebook page and instagram account (optional).

Then choose the format of ad you want to run like a carousel, single image or video ad. Select the image you want to use, be sure that the image must be in the ratio of 1:1 before that always check your image and text ratio using facebook image text ratio checker.

Then put the texts like Description, to support your ad image as shown in the below image.

How to Create Facebook Brand Awareness Campaign

You can also choose a website link, and add some Headline to it with a brief description. It is optional. If any user wants to check the site, they can visit your website. You can also choose a call to action, where you want to send your user like Call Us, Visit Now, Learn More, Quote Now, etc.

How to Create Facebook Brand Awareness Campaign

Then after this, you can also choose some advanced option to track a conversion and user activity. You can select URL parameters to track from where your user are coming to your website.

How to Create Facebook Brand Awareness Campaign

Now our brand awareness campaign is fully finished. Hope you understand this campaign in a proper manner, if you stuck at any point and need assistance, you can leave a comment.


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