Covid-19 damaged the education system, Covid’19 brought a huge loss to travel companies. Everywhere you hear the word Covid’19, you hear the word “loss” with it. But Covid’19 has not damaged one market or sector, although it increased the profit of that particular sector. And that sector is the Mobile app development industry.

Mobile app industry and projects not slightly but heavily increased in sales whether it be on Google play-store or purchasing of projects to continue education or businesses.

So, let’s begin with the profiting industry of how it increased its sales and popularity:

Mobile App Installations

The reality is too realistic to the world now. Businesses and Institutes came up with new plans and strategies to keep themselves and their employees busy during quarantine and COVID’19, basically in isolation.

Android and iOS developers always have come up with influencing and innovative apps. Payments are all now carried out through mobile apps, which have increased the number of installations of app. 

Although, due to the economic downfall and loss caused by the Coronavirus. The lifetime value of the user, and also the rate of consumer spending have quite reduced despite the growing large number of installations of app.

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Gaming Apps Popularity

While offices have ordered employees to work from home and major cities of the world locked down. People are compelled to spend long hours at home in many countries worldwide. 

Hence, Gaming apps got a popularity to kill time and enjoy with family and friends at a distance away. Recent news has confirmed the rise of gaming apps downloaded by nearly 40% more people.

Communication Apps

Google classroom, hangouts, and zoom are the biggest opportunists with organizations choosing to work from home. 

Mobiles apps offer video, audio, and online communication for working remotely. Well, you have thought or not but many mobile apps were unknown before COVID-19, their use has dramatically increased due to demand. 

For example, Zoom specifies that users increased by almost 200 million in a few months. Skype app installations increased by 66 percent.

Small-Scale Developers

The huge majority of the largest companies around the world have felt the impact of the pandemic. Small application developers have realized early about increased opportunities. Smaller companies offering digital marketing services have signed bigger contracts with the increased economic downturn. 


These businesses create an app for the big organizations, offering simple ways of communicating.

E-commerce Apps

E-commerce apps captured the market quite early before the pandemic spreading worldwide. 

With the hike in the needs for basic necessities, online apps like, PayPal, and Pioneer and creative content writing services are the ones that rescued people inside their houses.

Fitness Apps

People have become more conscious regarding health and are working towards positivity, which was not possible before the pandemic because of lack of time.

Custom app development services for iOS platforms introduced certain customized features providing information like the reminder to wash hands, covering the face while going out.

Mobile Payment Apps

Online payment captured the economy as physical distance has become a part of daily life. Making payments online, the simplest method of payment for almost everyone.

Although, offering mobile app hand-on experience has been the most important task in cases along with the development of trust, privacy, cash and security for the users to increase the attractiveness of any payment gateway apps.

Cooking Apps

For people comprising a passion for cooking and always wanting to try the newest recipes, cooking apps have facilitated them.

They can watch numerous recipes worldwide and can prepare different dishes at their house. 

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Summing Up

The emergence of huge chances for developers due to the rise of mobile app installations. The impact of COVID’19 on the mobile app market around the world has been lower. The pandemic has clearly hit global organizations so badly across the world, in which major businesses such as the manufacturing sector and travel agencies among the worst hit. 

The mobile app development and digital industries have benefited from the outcomes of COVID’19. On average, mobile applications have played a major role in helping people to map through this crisis.

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