When talking about the most competitive domain in SEO, the Food Blogger or Food Blogs often top the list. With a multitude of similar guides, recipes and tutorial videos, the competition is definitely ferocious.
So, understanding and integrating the prime SEO principles in your Food Blogs will not only help you rank high on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), but also brings in more traffic.
As a result, your food blogs get more recognition and popularity over the internet. If you are new to food blogger and want to rank your blogs higher on SERPs, then these SEO for Beginners can help you in your endeavour.

Using Long-Tail Keywords!

Readers today hunt for recipes that meet their specific criteria. Instead of searching for vegetable roll recipes, users tend to search for vegetable rolls with cream cheese recipes. So, it is crucial for food bloggers to use long tail keywords to increase the chance of their food blogs to get viewed by those looking for specific recipes.
On the other hand, the long tail keywords are in trend and hence it would help the food blogs to rank higher for search results and make it more competitive amongst others in similar niche. Seo company in gurgaon near delhi offers free tips and tricks for choosing keywords for bloggers. You can have a look at it to get an idea, what to choose while opting for keywords.
Adding ALT Text to All ImagesALT Text is basically the short description about the images on your blog post. Adding ALT text to all blog images make the blog post easily accessible to people who can’t see images due to poor connection or issues with browsers. Besides, search engines like Google also prefer ranking those blogs that add ALT text on images.

Use Voice Search Optimized Keywords

Voice search is becoming a new trend in SEO and Digital Marketing and it is your time to ensure that your food blogger is equipped to show up in voice search results. So, adding keywords in your food blog that are optimized for voice search is very crucial to increase visibility on search results.

Voice queries are actually longer and conversational and you need to take this in account while optimizing the blog for SEO.

Internal Linking for Content Boost

The most effective way to boost the blog content is via internal linking. Simply by integrating links to the relevant content from your food blog you urge the visitors to stay longer as it provides them with additional information by redirecting to the page they are looking for. Because of such user behaviour, Google will also rank your food blog higher.


Adding Videos for food blogger

Video content is the latest trend in web designing and SEO and following this trend is utmost important, especially if you want to boost the food blog SEO. Video marketing is always the popular choice for food bloggers and for many good reasons.

Today visitors prefer streaming videos rather than reading and hence including engaging video content in your food blog can help increase blog traffic significantly.

The video content must be on how to cook, taste dishes and how to do preparation for the recipes. But, ensure to keep the videos engaging. For more such video related tips and tricks check DigiExcel .

Implementing Micro-Format Mark-up

In SEO, Micro-Format Mark-up is the specialized format for structuring the data that is exhibited on a page of search results. So, it must include few star ratings, reviews, time needed for cooking, and more.

The exact role of Micro-format is to briefly specify the additional information available on your food blog. This maximizes the chance of increased visibility on search results for your food blogger.

Adding Social Media Links for Easy Sharing

To become a popular food blogger, you need to add social media links for sharing. You must make it easier for visitors to share your recipes and engaging blog contents via social media and this is only possible with social sharing plug-ins or modules.

Since you are a beginner level food blogger, you may not be aware about this part of SEO. So, it is always wise to seek help and assistance from experts to add such functionality on your food blogs.

Don’t forget to implement these SEO Tips for Food Blogs to make your blog stand out from the crowd on Google Search Results. These are only a few SEO principles which you need to implement to boost the blog ranking on SERPs.

Increasing the search result ranking is the complex and long process and it demands lots of hard work, patience and time to render results. Contact the team of SEO experts to seek help regarding food blog SEO and Recipe Card SEO optimization today.

By Vicky Kumar

Creator of I AM UR TEACHER, Engineer by Degree. 4+ Experience in Digital Marketing, Travel & Gym Lover.

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