Pound line products have gained massive popularity of late amongst teens, thanks to some really trendy, cool products available in retail pound stores.

As the pandemic-stricken world is gradually moving towards a back-to-normal lifestyle, the consumer demand in nationwide pound stores is expected to escalate soon. The manufacturers are also coming up with a new business strategy shifting focus towards more teen and millennial-oriented goods.

So, if you are a retail store and looking to tap on the rising demand of popular products among youth, here are some pound line products that you should focus on.


With the increasing trend of vaping among the new generation of people, e-cigarettes will probably go all way up to become one of the most most-selling products in a pound store. The trendy technique of vaping using a vaping device or e-cigarette is a new way to have some when you are with your best blokes around.

Some also use the battery-operated modern device as a potential substitute for cigarettes to reduce the bad habits of smoking. Whatever it is, e-cigarettes have certainly been a product with heavy demand in pound line retail stores ever since the stores have started to stock up in bulk.

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Even suppliers of wholesale cigarettes are also opting for e-cigarettes to supply on-demand. Leading brands like 88-Vape are reported to have a steep rise in their supply and demand curve in the last quarterly report.


When we talk about e-cigarettes, can e-juice stay far behind? Well, for those who haven’t heard of this product, this is nothing but a tiny bottle full of e-cigarette flavour vapers used to inhale when they vape.

Alongside a wide variety of multiple types of e-cigarettes, pound line stores have also started racking up multiple flavored e-juice to meet the fancy demands of vapers. From blueberry to bubble gum, e-juice flavors are already making it big in the market, due to the increasing trend of vaping.

Tempered Glass

In the age of the digital world, where young blokes are equipped with a smartphone, having tempered glass is important to protect the phone screen from damage. Instead of going for the expensive tempered glasses, a lot of people have been depending on pound stores for cheap but sturdy tempered glass solutions.

From iPhone to Samsung phones, pound line retailers are well-stocked with a wide range of tempered glasses to meet the excessive demand of Gen Y.

Face Mask

Beyond fancy fashion wear, face masks have now become a must-have item to go outside for young and adults alike. When some item becomes a necessity in everyday life, it’s easy to imagine that the demand for that particular item would be top-notch. Pound line stores are stocking themselves up with varieties of surgical as well as designer masks to attract young customers.


Party Accessories

When the generation you can’t live without partying, the party accessories that come in cheap must have their own value among party animals. From foil containers to paper cups or playing cards, youngsters would want anything to make their party lit. In post-lockdown days, stores, even pound line wholesale merchants, are claiming to enjoy increasing sales figures in stuff used in house parties.

Fragrance Hand Sanitizers

Of late the demand for hand sanitizers mounts sky-high thanks to the worldwide pandemic situation where people need to be well-equipped with protective gear. Along with the usual alcohol-based sanitizers, the young generation of people has also been into flavoured or fragrance hand sanitizers to give their palms a touch of bubbly scent.

So, originally manufactured for hygiene safety for kids and adults alike, hand sanitizers are also marketized for the new generation of folks.

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Stationery and Crafts

From teens to adults continuing their respective school or college education, there are some must-have stationeries that they can’t avoid. When it comes to stationery items, pond line stores offer some great quality pens, pencils, stationery items, and crafts at discount prices.

Crafted with animated movies and characters, the stationeries that are available at pound line retail stores are some of the teens’ faves. The pricing is another factor as to why people are opting for pound line stores for their year-long supplies for stationery and crafts.

Wholesalers, as well as retail stores, provide the opportunity to snap up some great deals to maximize your savings.

These are some pound line products we have found on top of the young lads’ shopping list. Of course, for a retailer, there are other products to shop for in pound line stores, but the aforementioned products will definitely make a cut in the final list.

Always remember to order in bulk, pound line products come with great discounts when you buy a bunch of them together. With bulk purchasing at markdowns, the per-unit price goes even lower than usual. The discounts and markdowns are almost unrivaled with any other retail stores nationwide.

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